Aaron and Evelyn - Founders of the Swiss TasteDear Friend,

Do you enjoy cooking for family and friends? I’m going to share with you, a cookbook that will have your taste buds singing.

Hi, my name is Evelyn Cox and I moved to the United States over 8 years ago. I have always loved entertaining and it gives me great pleasure to bring family and friends together to enjoy great food.

I never really thought of my dishes as being "special", until I hosted a few of my own parties. My friends began questioning what I put in the food to make it so good.  This was the beginning of, The Swiss Taste, my very own Swiss Cookbook. The first addition, only had 10 recipes, but over the last couple years I've continued compiling family recipes and creating a few of my own Swiss inspired dishes. After many hours in the kitchen and making a few trips back home to Switzerland, the Swiss Cookbook is finally ready!

Over 30 New Swiss Recipes...

Swiss Bread Swiss Cheese Fondue Swiss Black Forest Cake
Bacon & Cheese Pastry
Cheese Fondue
Swiss Chocolate Truffles

Swiss Cookbook Now Available !

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I want to make absolutely sure that all my customers are fully satisfied, so I am giving away two Recipes from, The Swiss Taste for you to try, Absolutely Free.

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