Swiss Recipe: Truffles
Swiss Recipe: Favorites
Swiss Recipe: Black Forest Cake
Black Forrest Cake
This Swiss recipe which is a rich blend of cherries, chocolate and cream is to die for. With a special black forest filling smothered in cream and then sprinkled with dark chocolate shaving, your taste buds will run wild.
Swiss Recipe 2:Monster Zin
Monster Zin Burger
Hold on to your taste buds, for this amazing flavor filled burger packed with sun-dried tomatoes, cranberries, lime zest and a few secrets that will knock your socks off. This is a blend of traditional American and Swiss flavors all rolled into
one. Get your grill ready, your taste buds are about to be lit up.
Swiss Recipe 3: Cheese Fondue
Sit back and relax for this simple, but delicious Swiss recipe for Fondue. Invite the family over, gather your friends, everyone is invited to sit around the Fondue Pot and enjoy one of the tastiest cheese dishes that exists. With all the traditional flavors of Switzerland; cheese,
wine, bread and kirsch, there's nothing better than melted cheese over fresh baked bread. If you have run out of ideas for a great family dish, get out the fondue pot and start melting. Your friends will be asking for more of this Swiss Recipe.
Swiss Recipe 4: Strawberry Punch
Swiss Recipe 4: Straberry Punch
Let your taste buds tingle to the dance of a sparkling strawberry punch. Excellent in summer or great for champagne toasts, this delightful mix of wine, and champagne is more than refreshing.
Swiss Recipe 5:Truffles
Swiss Recipe 5: Truffles
Chocolate anyone? Chocolate lover or not, you gotta try these savory liqueur infused balls of creamy chocolate. Swiss Chocolate is known to be the best in the world so what are you waiting for? Covered in sprinkles, powdered sugar, or cocoa powder, these

little truffles put the word "sinful" in chocolate. Rated the best Swiss Recipe!

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