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Photography It's a pleasure to me to introduce you to, "The Making of the Swiss Taste." My husband and I created a book full of delicious Swiss Recipes for you to try out.

It all started when I began developing a love for cooking. Soon I was creating gourmet recipes, and my husband Aaron, who is an amazing photographer, began taking beautiful photographs of my dishes. It is his talent and artistic eye that really captured the Swiss Recipes and made the book special. As for me, I have always loved entertaining and it gives me great pleasure to bring family and friends together to enjoy great Swiss Recipes.

It was also important to me to introduce my American family to some of my favorite Swiss Recipes. When most people think of Switzerland it's chocolate and cheese that comes to mind. Swiss chocolate is world-famous and you can literally stuff yourself full with every type imaginable. Cheese is obviously another great food found in Switzerland with hundreds of kinds to choose from. Two of the most famous cheeses are Gruyère and Emmentaler cheese, which are quite often used in Swiss recipes. Swiss food, unsurprisingly, is firmly rooted in dairy products cheese, milk, cream, butter and/or yogurt, which find their way into most dishes.

Switzerland also makes it's own beer, Rugenbräu being the most notable. The Swiss also have an excellent variety of wines, Fendant, Sylvaner, Gewuerztraminer, Pinot Noir, just to name a few. Swiss wines are one of the country's best- kept secrets. Each region has its specialty dishes: Fondue and Raclette (melted cheese dishes) from the French part ; sausages, roasts and Rösti (fried potatoes) in the German part; sliced air-dried meat ( Bündnerfleisch) in the Graubünden region and Italian specialties in Ticino.

There are many more Swiss Recipes I am looking forward to create and with the help of my husband's photography, he'll capture the delectable, mouth-watering Swiss dishes for you to try. Thank you for your interest in our Swiss Recipes. May you enjoy great food, happy gatherings and joy of cooking.

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